Along Comes Frazier

We weren't looking for another cat. We were at the Theoretically Ideal Cat Number: three. And then, as it's happened so many times before, serendipity blew through and introduced a little gentleman who needed a home -- our home.

So, friends, we present Frazier. He's a noble successor to Willie, Sarah, Bill, and Muko. And a fine housemate for Smoky, Jimmy, and Lily. He's whispering about the adventure that's taking him from Rescue Kid to Prince of Relaxation. (I'm listening and transcribing.)

Hope you enjoy...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Operation Prince Charming

My plan of action is pure genius.

First, I lured in the peeps. Child's play: wink, yawn, stretch, nudge. They really don't stand a chance. And then the checkmate: I set the scene as "Feline Napping on Sofa" when Mom got home from work. It was so good, she added her rendition of "Sales Associate Rests Legs and Eyes" to the mix. All that creativity made me hungry. When the 6PM Supper Buffet was announced, I joined my cronies in the dining salon. Our chef artfully prepared a mix of their food/my food. There are no leftovers. (I checked.)

Winning over my fellow cats is dodgier work. Like magicians trying to outdo each other, we know most of our colleagues' secrets.

Lily seems to like my style, and we have similar roots, so we've been sharing a room and swapping stories. Seems she was a street cat who found herself pregnant at a tender age and got taken in by Josh, who inherited the animal-in-distress receptor from his parents. She had two kittens that she raised beautifully. They were adopted out as a set, and Lily is no longer on the production line. She's missing a few teeth, like me, and is pretty happy to watch the world go by (especially cars, dogs, and coyotes) from inside the windows.

One of these days she'll show me pictures of her kids. Apparently there's a mouse who knows how to find them. If we can figure out which end of him (her?) is the face, we'll have to ask about that.

Two more conquests to go: Smoky and Jimmy. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck, Frazier. We're sure you'll win them over in the next few days. We're rootin' for ya! Your friends, Merritt and the Burnett boys (Tillcat and Mercat)