Along Comes Frazier

We weren't looking for another cat. We were at the Theoretically Ideal Cat Number: three. And then, as it's happened so many times before, serendipity blew through and introduced a little gentleman who needed a home -- our home.

So, friends, we present Frazier. He's a noble successor to Willie, Sarah, Bill, and Muko. And a fine housemate for Smoky, Jimmy, and Lily. He's whispering about the adventure that's taking him from Rescue Kid to Prince of Relaxation. (I'm listening and transcribing.)

Hope you enjoy...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cat Orientation

It's feeling like home here after 4 days.

I still have my own base of operations -- food dishes and litter box -- in the bedroom, but I'm getting to know the rest of the house. I've explored all the rooms and a fascinating place they call The Indoor Cat Wilderness. (They also call it a basement.)

Jimmy, Lily, and Smoky follow me around, but they don't hiss me too much. I think my friendly little "Hmmm?" is winning them over. Plus, they love the food I brought. (To be fair, I've tried their food, too.) The peeps like talking to me, and Mom has discovered that I love having my fur brushed. I'm stylin' and shiny.

My new addiction is sleeping on the beds. Whoever invented the comforter was onto a million-dollar idea. And I've perfected the art of gently nudging someone's hand while she (or he) is still just a little bit awake to get a scratch on the head. Or shoulder. Or back. Or chest. Or all of the above.

My word for the day: aaaahhhhhhh.

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