Along Comes Frazier

We weren't looking for another cat. We were at the Theoretically Ideal Cat Number: three. And then, as it's happened so many times before, serendipity blew through and introduced a little gentleman who needed a home -- our home.

So, friends, we present Frazier. He's a noble successor to Willie, Sarah, Bill, and Muko. And a fine housemate for Smoky, Jimmy, and Lily. He's whispering about the adventure that's taking him from Rescue Kid to Prince of Relaxation. (I'm listening and transcribing.)

Hope you enjoy...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Guy

Five weeks ago today, my new adventure began.
Here's what I've learned:

1) It's fun to be part of the cat gang. (Check out the pic of our latest meeting.) Lily likes to race, and we have similar taste in toys, and we watch each other play. Smoky likes to sleep in a basket, and he lets me hang out in the basket next to his. And Jimmy? He's my best bud. We pounce and wrestle together when we've got Energy, and we curl up together when we're worn out.

2) A guy can never have too many options for sleeping spots. Sometimes I like the end of the couch with the afghan; sometimes I like the end where I can lean against the pillow. Sometimes a bed is the place to be. And then I have to decide whether I'm in the mood for comforter or flannel sheets.

3) Dining is a social occasion. We each have our own bowl, I know which one's mine, and there's plenty of food to go around. I don't have to sneak into the kitchen when no one's looking.

4) Walking feet and legs aren't so scary. They're still a little bit scary, but I get more and more used to them.

5) Mom loves to end her day with a chat and a cuddle. She stretches out, I park myself on her chest and tuck my head under chin, and she rubs my shoulders. She talks about what a sweet guy I am, and I give the purr of approval.

6) I like The Good Life.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of These Things...

... is not like the others. But they're all in my favorite-toy lineup.

The wiffle ball really moves when I bat it, and it makes a satisfying little "clink" sound when it bounces off the baseboards. The red ball is really heavy and "clunks" when it hits stuff. It's a good ball to use if I want the peeps to hear from afar that I'm having fun.

Mom brought me four soccer balls and (of course) they're her favorites. We play penalty kicks with whichever one we can find, and wouldn't you know I'm a natural goalkeeper. She can't get a shot past me, so I keep rolling Futbol back for her to try again. The soccer balls also bounce, so I can get them airborne if I'm playing by myself.

That purple yarn ball is perfect for wrestling. I get it up against my chest, trap it with my front paws, and kick it with my back legs until it gives up.

Those other blue things? I found them in the bathroom. They cover the bolts that hold the peeps' litter box to the floor. (Mom's calling them "toilet caps.") Somehow I figured out that I can knock them loose and play my version of air hockey on the vinyl floor. Dad put them back, put I took them off again. Dad decided to let them rest in a drawer for awhile.

I also have a tie-dye ping pong ball that I can't find right now (I rolled it under something) and a round orange mouse that came with me from Kitty Angels. The mouse does a good imitation of a ball, and I've been sharing it with my cat buddies. Lily especially seems to think it's fun. That mouse is around here somewhere... Time to search and play!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Late Night Wrestling League

What do we do after it's quiet and the lights are low? See for yourself:

Repeat as necessary until energy is burned, then return to Flat Cat status.

Safe to say I'm accepted into the flock? I think so.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Multi-Tasking Baskets

My horizons keep expanding. The toy basket is great fun, but it wears me out. I've had to add another to my routine: The Basket of Rest. It's centrally located, yet off the beaten path -- on the living room floor (so I can watch the peeps go by and follow some TV), but under the table (so I can stay below the radar).

Maybe Jimmy will decide to occupy the basket next door. He likes sleeping next to me when I'm asleep. When I wake up, though, I can't help but be mesmerized by his tail. I watch it, then I tap it with my paws, and then I chew on it. Jimmy rolls over and says, "Do you have to?" Since I really do have to, I keep at it. Jimmy wrestles me for awhile, until we forget what we started wrestling about, and then we go back to sleep.

He really should try that basket. I don't think I'd see his tail in there.

"I can feel him looking at it."

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Basket o' Fun

The hardest part is figuring out what to do first. I can pick out a toy (the rolling ones are best, but the wrestling ones are growing on me), I can stick my head in the basket just because it's there, or I can play with the catnip-filled mat. Decisions, decisions.

If I time my playing appropriately, I might lure Jimmy or Lily into my games. And then we can can engage in The Tour de Cats, where Stage One is straight-up speed trials and Stage Two adds stair work.

Jimmy and I are taking up Greco-Roman Cat Wrestling, as well. We should probably use the mat for that, but did I mention it's filled with catnip? I land on it with intentions of total domination, and next thing I know I'm drowsy and have the munchies. Which reminds me... I haven't snacked for awhile. Kitchen time.

Later, gators.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Everyone's an editor

I've met with the boys, and we've decided that Mom gets to keep a sliver of work space. As long as she takes the occasional break and shows us interesting videos. (Or feeds us.)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's easy to make friends when you have something in common. Jimmy and I, for example, share a mutual love of soft places.

It took me a few days to work out that the left side of the bed has been his turf. We've got it sorted now, and the right side is mine. (Silly peeps don't seem to appreciate that we've left them a piece of the top half.)

Rest is important. We have a nightly standing appointment to raid the toy basket at 3A.M. More on that adventure later...