Along Comes Frazier

We weren't looking for another cat. We were at the Theoretically Ideal Cat Number: three. And then, as it's happened so many times before, serendipity blew through and introduced a little gentleman who needed a home -- our home.

So, friends, we present Frazier. He's a noble successor to Willie, Sarah, Bill, and Muko. And a fine housemate for Smoky, Jimmy, and Lily. He's whispering about the adventure that's taking him from Rescue Kid to Prince of Relaxation. (I'm listening and transcribing.)

Hope you enjoy...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today's Lessons

1. A basket of cat toys is big fun.
2. Jimmy's tail is not a cat toy.


  1. My heart is FULL to know how happy Frazier must be. I rescued him as a volunteer with Kitty Angels and Joan fostered this wonderful little guy. I cannot thank you enough for giving him the loving home he so deserves. Our volunteers are all abuzz about his new blog. Happiest of New Years to your family, which now includes the best guy in the world, Frazier :). Thanks so much! Lesa

  2. Hi, Lesa! He's been an awesome gift, and we love him to bits already.