Along Comes Frazier

We weren't looking for another cat. We were at the Theoretically Ideal Cat Number: three. And then, as it's happened so many times before, serendipity blew through and introduced a little gentleman who needed a home -- our home.

So, friends, we present Frazier. He's a noble successor to Willie, Sarah, Bill, and Muko. And a fine housemate for Smoky, Jimmy, and Lily. He's whispering about the adventure that's taking him from Rescue Kid to Prince of Relaxation. (I'm listening and transcribing.)

Hope you enjoy...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Guy

Five weeks ago today, my new adventure began.
Here's what I've learned:

1) It's fun to be part of the cat gang. (Check out the pic of our latest meeting.) Lily likes to race, and we have similar taste in toys, and we watch each other play. Smoky likes to sleep in a basket, and he lets me hang out in the basket next to his. And Jimmy? He's my best bud. We pounce and wrestle together when we've got Energy, and we curl up together when we're worn out.

2) A guy can never have too many options for sleeping spots. Sometimes I like the end of the couch with the afghan; sometimes I like the end where I can lean against the pillow. Sometimes a bed is the place to be. And then I have to decide whether I'm in the mood for comforter or flannel sheets.

3) Dining is a social occasion. We each have our own bowl, I know which one's mine, and there's plenty of food to go around. I don't have to sneak into the kitchen when no one's looking.

4) Walking feet and legs aren't so scary. They're still a little bit scary, but I get more and more used to them.

5) Mom loves to end her day with a chat and a cuddle. She stretches out, I park myself on her chest and tuck my head under chin, and she rubs my shoulders. She talks about what a sweet guy I am, and I give the purr of approval.

6) I like The Good Life.


  1. All points are positive and uplifting, but number 5 especially melts my heart. I'm so glad Frazier knows the The Good Life. What a deserving little kitty.

  2. I had missed this one - so glad I came back and found it! Loving Frazier's thoughts as he adjusts to The Good Life. What a sweet, sweet boy.